I’m a health and lifestyle coach, and my mission is to inspire and empower you to achieve the life of your dreams. I set off on this journey a while ago, when I started researching about nutrition and realised food is the most powerful medicine I could ever imagine. Since then I’ve embarked on a transformative healing voyage understanding how beneficial a healthy diet is to our overall wellness.

Although I have an MBA in Business, and I was successful in my career in Marketing working for the corporate world, I’ve decided to deepen my knowledge in nutrition as I was feeling completely worn out and was experiencing adrenal fatigue. After studying “Plant Based Nutrition” at Cornell University, US, and getting certified as “Health Educator and Raw Food Chef” from the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, US, I became more aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet and could see an amazing improvement in my health.

Watching others suffer and seeing some of my loved ones dying from diseases that were lifestyle-related and could possibly be preventable, has strengthened my desire to educate even more; to inspire and empower others. I’ve started travelling around the world providing workshops and public speaking to raise awareness on how to improve their health, their lifestyle and detox their bodies efficiently.

I’ve also been attending numerous seminars and workshops on neuroscience, epigenetics and bio-electrography. I’ve been encountering incredible professionals in this field and a particular brand that I’m very proud to be part of is Arbonne, which stands for what I believe. An international beauty product manufacturer based on botanical principles, eco friendly and a socially responsible company that treats animals and nature with respect and care. I would also love to show you how this business can change your life too!

“I strongly believe you will never regret embarking on this journey of freedom, balance and wellness!”

– Flavia Castro

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